TMN Blue Championship

After the Brand Split in December of 2013, the M4G-Nation Title was split in two Titles, one for each show. These are all of the matches for the top title on Blue, the TMN Blue Championship.


Jack-6(c) vs Thor vs Bane vs Kratos – [M4GaMania III]

Kratos(c) vs Jack-6 – [Solar Eclipse III]

Kratos(c) vs Sephiroth – [Singularity II]

Kratos(c) vs Gypsy Danger – [Galactic Throwdown III]

Cookie Monster(c) vs Kratos – [Sonic Boom II]

Kratos(c) vs Ash Ketchum vs Cookie Monster vs Jason Voorhees – [Vernal Equinox II]

Ash(c) vs Jason Voorhees vs Leonidas vs Kratos vs Loki vs Sub-Zero – [Northern Lights II]

Ash(c) vs Sub-Zero – [Supernova II]

Loki vs Wolverine vs Ash vs Jason – [Space Jam]


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