vs Ironman – [GDT, Round 1]
vs Bizzaro – [Solar Flare Title Match] – [M4GaMania III]
vs Cell – [Solar Flare Title Match] – [Solar Eclipse III]
vs Kakashi – [Solar Flare Title Match] – [Singularity II]
vs Darth Vader – [SolarFlare Title Match] – [Galactic Throwdown III]
vs The Hulk vs Strider Hiryu vs Trunks – [Jul 2nd, 2014]
[w/ Cobra Commander] vs [Iron Patriot/Hiei] – [May 30th, 2014]
vs Goku vs Yoshi vs V – [Mar 16th, 2014]
vs The Hulk vs Space Ghost vs Zangief vs [Solar Flare Title Match] – [Dec 2nd, 2013]
vs Jesus – [Sep 21st, 2013]

Title Reigns

Solar Flare: x1



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