Money in the Bank

The Money in the Bank is a guaranteed contract, where the holder can challenge for ANY title at ANY time. Below is a list of every Money in the Bank match, as well as a list of Money in the Bank Cash-Ins.


Tien vs Paul Phoenix vs Master Chief vs Captain Falcon vs Strider Hiryu vs Frieza – [May 30th, 2014]

Thor vs The Flash vs Jason Voorhees vs Joker vs Batman vs Sephiroth – [Feb 5th, 2014]

Vegeta vs Batman vs Jason Voorhees vs Ash vs Cpt America vs Leonidas – [Nov 16th, 2013]

Yusuke Urameshi vs Buu vs Darth Vader vs Captain America – [Vernal Equinox I]

Ryu vs Yusuke Urameshi vs Buu vs Bane vs Ironman vs Sub-Zero – [Dec 8th, 2012]

Darth Maul vs Ryu vs The Hulk vs Marcus Fenix vs Cpt America vs Blue Ranger [Aug 24th, 2012]


Captain America(c) vs Paul Phoenix – [Singularity II]

Ryu(c) vs Captain America – [Apr 5th, 2014]

Jack-6(c) vs Yusuke Urameshi – [Vernal Equinox I]

Captain America[MitB] vs Darth Vader[IU Champion] – [M4GaMania I] – Oct 28th, 2012

Women’s Matches

Daphne vs Poison Ivy vs Yoko Littner – [Aug 21st, 2013]

Daphne vs Yoko Littner vs Jessica Rabbit vs Poison Ivy vs Cammy vs Supergirl – [Galactic Throwdown II]

Women’s Cash-Ins

Daphne vs Bulma(c) – [Women’s Title Match] –  [Big Bang II]


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