Galactic Title Matches

The Galactic Title originated as the first “Mid-Card” title [As the ExtraSolar Title] on the M4G-Nation. It has sinse been used as the Mid-Card title on TMN Blue, and is still in use today. Below is a list of all of the matches for this title.


Thor(c) vs Sub-Zero – [Northern Lights III]
Sub-Zero(c) vs Thor – [Absolute Zero II]

Sub-Zero(c) vs Spideman – [Big Bang III]

Sub-Zero(c) vs Thor – [Space Jam II]

Sub-Zero(c) vs Link – [M4GaMania III]
Link(c) vs Buu vs Sub-Zero vs Batman vs Ezio vs Ironman – [Solar Eclipse III]
Buu(c) vs Vegeta vs Link – [Singularity II]
Vegeta(c) vs Buu – [Galactic Throwdown III]
Ash Ketchum(c) vs Vegeta – [Sonic Boom II]
Vegeta(c) vs Ash Ketchum – [May 8th, 2014]
Vegeta(c) vs Dante – [Vernal Equinox II]
Vegeta(c) vs Dante – [Northern Lights II]
Captain Planet(c) vs Vegeta – [Space Jam]
Master Chief(c) Captain Planet – [M4GaMania II]
Captain Pollution(c) Master Chief vs Ash – [Big Bang II]
Captain Pollution(c) vs Master Chief – [Solar Eclipse II]
Master Chief(c) vs Captain Pollution – [Singularity I]
Master Chief(c) vs The Hulk – [Galactic Throwdown II]
Master Chief(c) vs Jason Voorhees – [Sonic Boom I]
Jason Voorhees(c) vs Master Chief – [Vernal Equinox I]
Jason Voorhees(c) vs Cookie Monster – [Absolute Zero I]
Jason Voorhees(c) vs Master Chief vs Marcus Fenix – [Northern Lights I]
Jason Voorhees(c) vs Buu – [Supernova I]
Jack-6(c) vs The Hulk vs Bojack vs Bane vs Master Chief vs Jason Voorhees – [Big Bang I]
Jack-6 vs Jason Voorhees [Nov 13th, 2012]
Jack-6(c) vs Marcus Fenix – M4GaMania I
Jack-6(c) vs Bane – [Solar Eclipse 1]
Bojack vs Jack-6(c) vs Hulk – Galactic Throwdown I
Bojack vs Ryu vs Optimus Prime vs Captain Planet vs Marcus Fenix vs Jack-6 [May 30th, 2012]
Bojack vs Master Chief – April 25th, 2012


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