TMN Green, [Ep #86] – Show Review

TMN Green 86 – Click here for Full Show

by BrazillDazzle


Jack Sparrow vs. Android 13: 3.25/5

Momentum was fairly balanced in the beginning of the match, but I thought Android 13 would take over when he threw Jack Sparrow out of the ring for a few moments.  Android 13 hit a huge powerbomb in the center of the ring that only resulted in a one count. Sparrow hits a beautiful top-rope hurricanrana. Android 13 reverses momentum and hits a devastating spear followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Even with all of this offense, Android 13 could only get a two count. Sparrow follows it up with nice dropkick and a somersault flip onto Android 13. Again, only a two count. Sparrow wins it with The World’s End.


I think Steve was right when he said that Android 13 is taking out his frustrations on Jack Sparrow. I think that loss to Jesus for the Solar Flare title a few weeks back really got to him. It was a good match between two pretty evenly matched fighters. Darth Malak and Darth Revan come out and help Jack pummel an already downed Android 13.

Jyn Erso vs. Nina Williams: 5/5
(Super Nova Title Rematch)

This match was capped off by Jinx running out from backstage and beating the crap out of Jyn Erso! She threw the former champion into the stairs. Jyn has to be carried off on a stretcher, where Jinx continues to beat the crap out of her!

Zamasu vs Yusuke Urameshi: 4/5
Solar Flare Title Match

Yusuke finally making his return to the M4gNation. Yusuke hits a backflip moonsault onto Zamasu, who was laying on the outside of the ring. Couple of one counts by both combatants. Zamasu chains a couple of moves together, including a flying elbow and a superkick. Yusuke kicks out at 2 and 7/8. Yusuke hit an awesome springboard dropkick to kick Zamasu out of the ring. Yusuke also hit a Spirit Gun, which resulted in like a 2 and 9/10 count. Yusuke hit a wheel kick, again, resulting in a two count. Zamasu makes Yusuke tap with a sharpshooter.


Great return for Yusuke. Although he came up short, he put up a strong fight against the champion.

[D.Va, Tifa Lockhart, and Captain Phasma vs. Harley Quinn, Juliet Starling, and Satsuki Kiryuin]:  4.25/5
Women’s 3v3 Tag Match / SuperNova Title Number 1 Contender Qualifier

The match started with D. VA going up against Harley Quinn. Both starting wrestlers quickly tag out, D. VA tagging in Phasma and Harley tagging in Juliet. Harley then gets tagged back in. D. VA then gets tagged in. Juliet then gets tagged back in. D. VA tags in Tifa, who quickly unleashes a barrage of moves onto Juliet Starling. Juliet hit a nice sit down powerbomb onto Tifa, and then misses a top rope moonsault. Phasma then gets tagged in, but quickly gets repeatedly countered by Juliet. Juliet then tags in Harley Quinn, who comes out strong, but then gets destroyed by Phasma. Juliet then gets tagged in. Phasma makes a diving tag attempt to tag in Tifa. Tifa then does a leaping leg drop onto Juliet, followed by a super punch. Satsuki then breaks up the pin attempt by Tifa. Both Tifa and Juliet tag out. Harley Quin then catches D. Va and performs a stun gun on her. Harley Quinn then tags Juliet back in. D. Va then tags Tifa back into the ring. Tifa wins it with another super punch (Final Heaven) onto Juliet.


I love multi-man tag team matches, so I thought this match was pretty good. I like the idea of this tournament: making the division work together only to have to come apart at the last moment. It was very back-and-forth. My only complaint is that we didn’t get to see the newly dressed Satsuki wrestle.

Devil Jin vs. Vegeta  3.75/5
(Best of Three Match/ TMN Green Number One Contender Match)

Vegeta came out hot against Jin. Jin then hit a codebreaker onto Vegeta. The Prince of Saiyans then delivers a series of kicks, a scoop slam, and then a knee drop onto Jin. Jin goes for an early pin, which is only a one count. Vegeta then hits a drop kick and immediately goes for a pin, which is a one count. Jin then hits a strong dropkick followed by a takedown. Jin hits another dropkick, sending Vegeta into the corner. Jin then does a double under hook suplex bridging into a pin, which falls short. Jin wins it by hitting a finisher.


Vegeta comes up short in the first match in this series. Both wrestlers pulled a lot of tricks out of their bags in this match. It will be interesting to see if Jin carries his momentum into match two, or if Vegeta is able to rebound; only fighting in his base form may have cost Vegeta this match.


M4GaMania 5 – [Show Review]

M4GaMania 5 Review – Click here for Full Show

by BrazillDazzle

Tiger Wolves (C) vs. Blind Justice: 3.5/5
TMN Blue Tag Team Title Match

Blind Justice had some nice teamwork early in the match. But White Ranger really carried Tiger Wolves early on. After the devastating clothesline by Daredevil, I thought we might see new champions, but White Ranger recovered and delivered the Go To Anglegrove onto Punisher. Punisher wins it with a Piledriver onto the White Ranger.

Blind Justice had great teamwork throughout the match. Tiger Wolves seemed like they were not in-sync in this match. Punisher would break pins and they would execute team maneuvers while tagging.  The highlight of the match is when John Snow preforms a running double axehandle onto the ref while Punisher is pinning the White Ranger. Although Blind Justice walks away with the belts, the Famous Jett Jackson, the ref, is the true winner of this match.

Nina Williams vs Jyn Erso(c): 2/5
Supernova Title Match

Nina Williams had the momentum early on in the match. She delivered a very acrobatic leg sweep onto Jyn Erso. I don’t know how much damage it did, but wow did it look cool! Nina Williams pulled off the upset, capped with a Backbreaker.

Nina Willams did what seemed to be impossible and pin Jyn Erso. Remember, Jyn never lost a match in 2017, so this is a big victory for Nina. Jyn looked out of it from the start. It was a very Nina-heavy match.

Batgirl (C) vs. Hela vs. Cammy: 3.75/5
TMN Purple Title Match

Batgirl had early offense against both opponents, hitting a suplex and a dropkick. Everyone seemed to be pretty equal in different spots. Batgirl delivered a double underhand suplex to Hela, forcing her out of the ring. Then delivers a top-rope stunner (Batarang) onto Cammy.  Hela almost had it with a Hela Shot onto Batgirl, but she kicked out at 2. Hela wins after Batgirl knocks out Cammy

I think this was a very enjoyable match. Every woman seemed to be giving it her all, just to come up a little short with each pin attempt. Every finisher and signature move we saw truly shows how close this match was. So far we are 3/3 with titles changing hands.

Joey Wheeler (C) vs. Darth Malak: 3.75/5
TMN Green Atom-Weight Title Match

Darth Malak started out with a couple Irish Whips and a suplex, followed by a splash. Joey counters and goes out of the ring for a steel chair. He then DDT’s Malak face-first onto the chair. The New Yorker himself then unleashes hell with a baseball bat. Darth Malak counters and takes the chair to Wheeler. The Sith Lord then whips Joey into the steel stairs. Wheeler then grabs a kendo stick from Malak and beats him with it. Joey then climbs to the top rope to deliver a top rope teabag. Then after a little back and forth, Darth Malak wins it with a Sister Padme.

Although this was a quick match, it was a good match. There was just so much offense packed into a five to six minute bout. I was really impressed with both wrestlers’ pain tolerances. There were multiple weapon shots; Malak got hit five or six times by various weapons, as did Joey Wheeler.

Android 17 (C) vs. Black Panther: 4.5/5
TMN Blue Atom-Weight Title Match

It was a very back-and-forth match between the two atom-weight fighters. It wasn’t necessarily a flashy match, as there wasn’t too much “flippy stuff”. It mainly went down to two dudes wailing on each other. Panther almost secured the win with a top-rope double stomp, but Android 17 kicked out at two. Not even a minute later, 17 hit his 17 Stunner, but like before, it was just a two count. Panther hit another Panther Pounce but another two count. Black Panther then hit a missile dropkick followed by a Wakandan Death Drop, but that still couldn’t get the job done. Panther hit a very impressive springboard Phoenix Splash. Panther won it off another missile dropkick.


Each wrestler gave it their all. It was a fantastic match. I had no clue when we would get a winner. There were multiple near falls. Like multiple 2.5+ counts. It was very entertaining. My only complaint is that the 17 Stunner didn’t look as strong as we’re used to seeing. Maybe Panther is getting a huge push, or 17 has lost some momentum.

Zamasu vs. Jesus(c): 3/5
Solar Flare Title Match

We saw an emaciated Jesus going up against Zamasu. What I thought would be a squash match in Zamasu’s favor quickly turned into a decent barrage from Jesus. Zamasu almost pinned the Son of Man after a superkick. Jesus had a nice Sharpshooter. It didn’t last long, but I love a good Sharpshooter. Jesus then hit a strong Rock Bottom. Jesus died for three days and was pinned for three slaps of the mat. A Sweet Chin Music bested our Lord and Savior.


This match proved me wrong, well kinda. I was right in that Zamasu would win, but Jesus did put up a heck of a fight. I would have said “hell of a fight” but I’m not comfortable enough with my afterlife status to put “Jesus” and “hell” in the same sentence. It was a pretty balanced match, nothing flashy or special to write home about.

Spiderman (C) vs. Sub-Zero 4/5
Galactic Title Match


Sub-Zero had a nice fisherman buster to start the match, but quickly lost momentum. Spiderman literally whipped Sub-Zero all around the outside of the ring. Apparently this was a no DQ match, as Sub-Zero grabbed a sledgehammer. Spiderman had a nice springboard plancha onto Sub-Zero, followed shortly thereafter by a reverse DDT and a jawbreaker. Sub-Zero got in a nice phoenix splash, only to get nailed by a Sweet Chin Music. A Deep Freeze DDT followed by a Deep Freeze Neckbreaker that both resulted in near falls. A Sweet Chin Music caught Sub-Zero in mid-air, which sealed his fate.

Spiderman taunted so many times instead of going for the count! What disrespect for his opponent. That creates some heightened drama between these two. The utter disrespect was topped off when Spiderman reverses a top rope maneuver by delivering a Sweet Chin Music to Subzero in mid-air. That was our first retention of the night!

Solar Society (C) vs. Five Knuckle Shufflers 4.5/5
TMN Green Tag Team Title Match


Captain Planet and Skeeter Valentine lead things off for their respective teams. Skeeter lays the hurt on Planet, so he has to make a diving tag to bring his partner in. Moon Knight then forces Skeeter to make a diving tag. Saitama hit a devastating clothesline followed by a scissor kick onto Moon Knight. Moon Knight then tags in Captain Planet. The momentum was really back and forth in this match. Anytime The Solar Society hit a move, Five Knuckle Shufflers were right there to counter and follow through with their own. Saitama breaks up the first pin attempt, which was Moon Knight over Skeeter. Skeeter then tags in Saitama. Captain Planet busts his face open, then tags in Moon Knight. Then, Moon Knight hits a massive pop-up punch onto the One Punch Man himself. Both Moon Knight and Saitama tag themselves out. Skeeter connects with a DDT, which busts open Captain Planet. Skeeter wins it with a Patty Mayonaise!


This was a really quick tag team match. I think it was well-paced match overall. Both sides hit numerous finishers and signatures. This was definitely one of the best matches of the night. Two of the strongest tag teams in recent Green memory went toe-to-toe for the second time in a Pay-Per-View, only this time new champions were crowned.

Deadpool vs. Cable: 3.25/5
Loser leaves TMN 

Deadpool started off the match really hot. Cable gets his footing, and tries a quick cover on Deadpool. It only results in a one-count. There wasn’t anything real flashy about this match. Both wrestlers hit their signatures and finishers early on. Cable had his chances, especially after taking Deadpool for a ride (three suplexes). However, Deadpool wins it with a Rock Bottom.


What a great end to a great feud! I have no clue what the future holds for Cable and Deadpool. I was hoping Deadpool would win, and I can’t complain that Deadpool stays in the business. It was a pretty standard match, again, nothing really flashy happened.

Jin Kazama (C) vs. The Hulk 4.5/5
TMN Green Title Match

Both wrestlers were pretty evenly matched starting out of the gate. Jin hit a nice Codebreaker, and the ensuing pin attempt only resulted in a one count. Jin started to take control after the Codebreaker. Jin kept chipping away at Hulk’s torso and head by dropkicking the heck out of him. Jin hits a top-rope stunner, almost sealing the match. Hulk wins it with a “spinny slam move.”


What a match! This bout featured two monsters in the ring who unloaded hell on each other. It seemed like the winner would be the one who could just outlast the opponent. Doing a really quick play-by-play doesn’t do this match justice.  It is definitely one you have to watch.

Dante (C) vs. Superman 3/5
TMN Blue Title Match

Dante immediately leaves the ring to find a baseball bat under the ring. It takes a few moments, but Dante starts beating the tar out of Superman with it. Dante took control of this match at the start, but Superman hits a super slam. He goes for the pin on Dante, but it’s only a two count. Superman then reverses a powerbomb, and cradles him up for another pin attempt. Superman then this a strong German Suplex on Dante. Superman then hits either a super punch or a fastball punch, then immediately taunts the current champion. Superman then hits a “super superplex” for the win.


I don’t know if I can be biased, but I hate Superman as a character. That doesn’t reflect my rating, though. It ended up being kind of a squash match. Dante must have been injured or just not into it because he looked helpless in the ring. Superman just unleashed a devastating offense few, if any, wrestlers could survive.


TMN Green, Ep #85 – [Review]

Green 85 Review

by BrazillDazzle


Jiren vs. V: 4/5
The match immediately started with a back-breaker by Jiren, who then immediately went for a pin. It’s unsuccessful, with V mounting a counter-attack. There were multiple unsuccessful pin attempts by V. Towards the middle of the match, Jiren regained his momentum. However, it is short-lived as the match becomes more evenly matched. Jiren ends up getting the three-count and taking home the W.

If this match were a book, it would have the necessary parts English teachers look for: a beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and a resolution. I think this was a textbook match. There was drama between these two evenly matched wrestlers. I loved the back-and-forth nature of this match. There were multiple times where I thought I knew who the winner would be, just to see a kick-out at the last possible second.

Voldemort vs. Skeletor (MitB Qualifier): 2/5
Despite a heavy offense in the first of the match, Skeletor lost all momentum almost immediately and fell to Voldemort and the Deathly Hallows.

I agree with Andy in that Skeletor had that match and shouldn’t have lost it in the fashion he did. He had numerous opportunities that mainly resulted in one-counts or immediate kick-outs.

Raven vs. Rey: (2.5/5)
Somewhat of a squash match because Raven was in control for much of the match. There were spots where Rey showed off some of her moves, but I would argue that she didn’t even show up for the match. The match ended when Raven caught Rey when she jumped off the top rope.

If anything, this match showed how strong of a competitor Raven is and how she should be seen as a threat in the Women’s Division. I can’t imagine Rey bouncing back from this loss for a while. Rey is also 0-2 so far for WWE 2K18.

Doomfist vs. Apocalypse (Hardcore Championship Title Match): 4/5
It was a pretty back and forth match between two big guys. What’s not to like? The highlight of this match is when The Undertaker comes out of nowhere, delivers a Tombstone Piledriver onto Apocalypse, and walks out. He must be a big fan of Overwatch or mains Doomfist. Either way, we saw the title change hands from Apocalypse to Doomfist.

I think Doomfist would have won the match, but it was pretty evenly matched. I think the outside interference is a perfect example of how crazy these matches can be. Like the first match, I was genuinely invested in the match and couldn’t wait to see the outcome. I’d love to see if a feud erupts between the two combatants.

Invasion of Geonosis I [Show Review]


By: Andrew Svider

Match 1:

Atom Weight Title Match

Darth Malak(Champion) vs. Green Ranger 

3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars


What a good match to set the tone for Invasion of Geonosis! This was a back and fourth match that was quickly controlled by the Green Ranger. While Green Ranger did control a good amount of this matchup, reversals seemed to be a big factor in this match, with Darth Malak having the biggest reversal. Green Ranger seemed like he was about to hit a Tiger Bomb on Darth Malak, but it was reversed into an amazing Hurricanrana, which seemed to push momentum away from the Green Ranger and right into Darth Malak’s hands. It only took one “Sister Padme” for Darth Malak to retain his Atom Weight Title and show us he’s ready to move on to better things than the Green Ranger.


Match 2:

Supernova Title Match

Satsuki Kiryun(Champion) vs. Jyn Erso

2.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

Throughout the entirety of this match, it seemed as if Satsuki Kiryuin was going to have no problem defeating Jyn Erso. In the very early stages, whenever it looked liked Jyn Erso was attempting to start a rally, it was always cut short by our Supernova Champion. But, in what can arguably be called luck, Satsuki Kiryun missed her first attempt at her Buzzsaw Kick(Or, the Kill la Kill in my attempt to name her finisher) and failed to make the best of successfully hitting her finisher in closing minutes of this title match. In this match, Jyn Erso’s rebellious attitude never let her stay down! At one point, Jyn Erso reversed what might’ve been a submission attempt by Satsuki Kiryun into a beautiful looking Enzigiri. This then led to Jyn Erso pinning Satsuki Kiryun after executing the Scissor Kick, or the Rebellion Plan(A move I believe Javier named a week or two ago?). While Jyn Erso is our new Supernova Champion, Satsuki lost to her own….you might say cockiness by not just pinning Jyn Erso, after hitting her with that Buzzsaw Kick.


Match 3:

TMN Green Tag Team Title Match 

Captain Planet & Moon Knight a.k.a . The Solar Society(Champions) vs. Voldemort & Zamasu a.k.a. Team Supreme 

3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars


Well, a great tag team beat two good individuals. In other words, Voldemort and Zamasu were working for themselves in this matchup unlike The Solar Society, who worked great together as always. Voldemort made no attempt to keep his partner, Zamasu, in this match, and that tells the biggest story of all. While Voldemort and Zamasu have showed some good results while working together, they have always seemed to stay individuals. This match just proved it all; when it comes down to it, one member of Team Supreme doesn’t feel like they need the other to win. Once Zamasu was eliminated, Voldemort put up a good fight against the Solar Society. Maybe it’s time to let Team Supreme go their separate ways because they could both be champs anywhere but the Tag Division on TMN Green. However, those TMN Green Tag Titles are staying with the Solar Society for the foreseeable future.


Match 4:

Solar Flare Title Match

Space Ghost(Champion) vs. Darth Maul

3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

This was just a great match to watch! Space Ghost and Darth Maul showed how evenly matched they were because neither could take full control of the other for more than what seemed like two moves at a time. At one point, Space Ghost reversed Darth Maul’s vintage Piledriver and seamlessly transitioned it into a sweet looking Arm Drag, which looked to shock Darth Maul. But just when Space Ghost felt comfortable and in control as he hit his signature Blue Thunder Bomb on Darth Maul, the challenger kicked out at what could only be called two and a complicated fraction! Darth Maul then went on to refuse Space Ghost the luxury of hitting his finisher, which showed respect to the ability of Space Ghost and his finisher. But out of nowhere, Darth Maul hit his Inverted Stunner on our now former Solar Flare Champion. It only took Darth Maul one finisher but to our new Champ’s resourcefulness, he never had to take Space Ghost’s finisher a single time. Maybe if Space Ghost had hit his own finisher you’d be reading a different review? Nevertheless, we have a new Solar Flare Champion in Darth Maul.


Match 5:

TMN Green Title Match

Thanos(Champion) vs. Apocalypse 

4.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

What a match! This was truly a heavyweight fight. Both Thanos and Apocalypse were throwing each other around like small children and when giants do that to other giants, well it’s hard not to love! It was very hard not to be invested in this match as two main stories were a part of this title match: Thanos’ title and Thanos’ undefeated streak. Apocalypse on several occasions looked as if he was getting very close to doing what many a man, including himself at one point could not seem to do and that was defeat the undefeated champion in Thanos.  But, Thanos adapted, proving it’s not just his size and strength that makes him the champion he is today, instead in this match it was his intelligence and athletic prowess.

Apocalypse  was denied by Thanos every time he went for a signature or a finisher and as soon as Thanos saw an opening he jumped for it. Literally, no he jumped and hit at one point a Spinning Wheel Kick and several times through the match hit Apocalypse with brutal Super Kicks! Thanos went for the win when he hit his decapitating Punt Kick finisher, but not wanting to be another win under Thanos’ belt forced Apocalypse shoulder up. But even with the help of former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger, who kept Apocalypse alive a bit longer when he distracted the ref, Thanos proved why he is the champ and why he is still undefeated. After taking as much punishment from Thanos as Apocalypse did no one can blame him for tapping to that Vice Grip. Thanos defended his title and Thanos retained his title once again.


Match 6:

TMN Green Title Money in the Bank Cash In 

Thanos(Champion) vs. Paul Phoenix

3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Mr. Money in the Bank Paul Phoenix didn’t let Thanos celebrate his title defense for long as he rushed toward the ring! Man, aren’t Money in the Bank Cash In matches exciting to watch? Also, what a great story from Paul Phoenix being Thanos’ lackey at one point to now cashing in his guaranteed title shot on Thanos!  Paul Phoenix put up a valiant effort but Thanos even after a tiring match was just too much for him. Thanos Punt Kicked him out of his ring and once again retained his TMN Green Championship.




Show Rating: 4 Stars out of 5 Stars 



Every single match on Invasion of Geonosis was must watch! All the matches but Thanos vs. Apocalypse ended via Finisher, which is always great to see. There were no matches that seemed to slow the PPV down in the slightest!  Jyn Erso became our new Supernova Champion and Darth Maul is now the Solar Flare Champ! While Darth Malak proved Green Ranger was simply keeping the belt warm for him as a transitional title holder! The Solar Society showed us all what it means to be Tag Team Chanps as they continue to show that they are the team to beat in the Tag Team Division. Thanos is still the Undefeated TMN Green Champion after being challenged by and, with no better word to describe it destroyed two men in Apocalypse and the now now former Mr. Money in the Bank Paul Phoenix back to back! Thanos continues to make us wonder who can beat the unbeatable TMN Green Champion? An awesome PPV show that should be watched by any and every fan of TMN Green!


TMN Blue, Ep #74 Review 

by Ryan LeQuia 

Match 1: Black Panther vs Starlord

2.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Unsafe swing by Starlord during that match, I recommend not allowing him to do that again in case he injures someone with that. I believe that there were moments in this match where Black Panther wasn’t the same man we used to know inside those ropes, because he’s either being cocky and teasing the crowd or he just kept taunting to the crowd, trying too hard to put himself over. He put on some good spots, but they weren’t close to the caliber of his matches for the Atom-Weight title. It felt like Starlord really carried that match.

Match 2: Captain Marvel vs Supergirl

2.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

“The deal” was a Michinoku Driver II, not a Falcon Arrow. I wanted to put this here because it’s been miscalled a lot, on Green and Blue, and I want to say it so someone doesn’t get upset about it and yell at you amazing guys. I was glad to see both women having a fairly back and forth match, both of them hitting their finishing moves on each other. Nothing special, but everything was done with purpose. This would be my example of a match that needed something, but didn’t know what.

Match 3: White Ranger vs Subzero

3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

A great match between these two with many springboards and an amazing catching Pedigree, showing the TMN universe why these two are some of my favorite wrestlers. The match did something that seems to be missing in TMN at times, and that was establishing who’s face/heel. Subzero putting his feet on the ropes during a pin and attacking White Ranger as he hyped up a Roundhouse Kick really helped show the relationship of the two and who to cheer/boo. There were only thing that bugged me, the three Casual Tiger Sword kickouts. Hopefully this was to show that Subzero is in the uppercard of Blue’s roster while White Ranger is closer to midcard status.

Match 4: Dante vs Starlord

3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

I loved the start of the match, the enthusiasm of Starlord to run right at Dante just for the veteran to German Suplex him. That one part I could say, described this match. Starlord never stopped trying to win, but Dante’s experience just outmatched him. I normally don’t like squash matches, but they had some great spots that made this so much more enjoyable to me. The irish whip into the exposed turnbuckle, immediately followed by a knee to the face was my highlight for that match. Dante deserves that TMN Blue championship match. Watching this match, I hope Dante can be the man to beat Link for the title.

Match 5: Bane vs Reptile

3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

If this is how played matches are going to go, I don’t mind them to help set up storylines, because that was what was needed to make Bane look like a beast again. The match was fairly smooth, only few moments it didn’t feel organic, but that was expected with a player controlled character. I am sadden at Reptile going into March Sadness, but I don’t think I could’ve looked at Bane the same way if he lost.

Show Rating: 3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

TMN Blue 74 was a great show, if you watched the last three matches. Black Panther just killed the first match for me. He acted like he knew Starlord was going over, disagreed with the decision, and went out of his way to ruin parts of the match, damaging his and Starlord’s credibility. Losing Black Panther in March Sadness might not be the worst thing to happen. Nothing really stood out to me in the women’s match that was bad, but it wasn’t ever reeling me in. The last three matches however, they were incredible. Match of the night was White Ranger vs Subzero. It had great spots and was full of action, something I expect to see from both men in the future.

TMN Green Ep#51, Review

Match 1: Darth Malak vs Krillin
3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars
A nice quick match, showcasing the strengths of both members. Krillin was able to keep up the tempo with fast paced offense, while Malak and the other members of Legacy of the Sith were able to pull shenanigans to keep the match in their control. I really liked how Krillin looked like he could’ve won if it wasn’t for Sidious distracting the referee.


Match 2: Voldemort/Zamasu vs Cobra Commander/Deadshot
3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars
Some of the best tag team action on Green in recent history. The match started off back and forth, giving the match the feel like either team could win. I’ll admit I got really into the match when I saw Voldemort and Zamasu starting to show signs of frustrations, like when Voldemort jumped off the apron to avoid being tagged in. I hope Voldemort keeps doing that Powerbomb, purely for the reason that it looks like it’s from WWF WrestleMania 2000 for the N64.


Match 3: Marcus Fenix vs Quan Chi 
3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars
It’s nice seeing these two veterans back in the ring in a never before seen match in the TMN. Both men looked like they’ve been waiting to get back into the ring, having new moves in their arsenal. I laughed so hard when I saw Quan Chi hit the Bionic Elbow. Glad to see the two men never losing a step, showing up the younger guys.


Match 4: Android 18 vs Jinx
3 Stars out of 5 Stars
I am ecstatic to see that Android 18 was charged up before this match and didn’t have to conserve energy like at the Pay-Per-View: Space Jam 4. I’m surprised at the strength of Jinx in that match, tossing Android 18 around like she was nothing. Let’s hope this gain in momentum keeps Andriod 18 influenced in making more great matches in the future.


Match 5: Darth Maul vs Android 13
4 Stars out of 5 Stars
Magnitude finally getting a great spot in a fantastic match. That belly-to-belly suplex on the chair was one of my favorite spots in TMN so far. The storytelling coming back to haunt Android 13, as Ryu interfered and distracting him enough for Darth Maul to get the win, was a nice touch. Glad Darth Maul won, but he’ll need backup to beat Marcus in the next Solar Flare qualifier match.


Bonus Review: The Promo
10 Stars out of 5 Stars
There’s nothing that could’ve made that more beautiful.


Match 6: Goku vs Apocalypse
3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars
A real Ring of Honor style match, with Goku kicking out of two Pop Up Cutter, and two Tombstone Piledrivers, while it took a Piledriver and 3 Stunners to put away Apocalypse. It was surprising to see Apocalypse to get the hops for a Frontflip Clothesline. It was a nice back and forth match but the deterioration of their finishing moves being kicked out of consistently was getting to the point of redundancy at the end of their match.


Show Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars
TMN Green 51 was something I’ve been waiting for, Green being good again. Every match felt like something I needed to invest in, something I wanted to watch. The addition of Ryan also made the commentary team feel more alive during the matches, making them more enjoyable. Green is starting to pick up enough steam that it could possibly beat out Blue for the first time in a long time.

Space Jam 4: Curry’s Quandary Review

by Ryan LeQuia

Match 1: Android 18 vs Satsuki (Champion)

Supernova Championship: Ladder Match

2 Stars out of 5 Stars

Good back and forth match, but multiple spots are lackluster, like when 18 stood still for 25 seconds. Few good spots, highlight of the match was 18 jumping of the ladder, landing double knees. Anticlimactic ending, I do not recommend this match type when it’s 1 on 1, for either brand.


Match 2: Storm vs Rogue vs Wonder Woman (Champion)

TMN Purple Championship

3 Stars out of 5 Stars

Very interesting match, wasn’t sure of who was going to win for the most part, although Wonder Woman looked like the star player during the whole thing. It unfortunately looked like the ending was possibly botched(?) It looked like the last Lasso of Truth was supposed to end it, but Storm decided to kick out, possibly an accident, which is why Wonder Woman went for a pin so quickly after the kick out, making Storm look kinda weak. Solid match with a few botches in there, I’d love to see Rouge get another shot at the title, since she wasn’t pinned, but maybe give Storm a little break after the finish, having her come back after Blue 75.


Match 3: Dale Earnhardt Jr vs Android 17 (Champion)
TMN Blue Atom-Weight Championship

3 Stars out of 5 Stars

A nice quick match, showing off why 17 is still the champ. Dale looked strong during the match, getting in most of the offense, but not resilient enough to take on 17, who ended the match without even hitting his finisher. The outcome was a little predictable, but that’s not bad, with 17 still champ, and Dale possibly moving to greener pastures soon.


Match 4: Darth Malak vs Green Ranger (Champion)
TMN Green Atom-Weight Championship

3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Possibly my favorite match of the night at an entertainment match, but overall, not the best. Very technical match, but not long enough to really prove much, and it makes Green Ranger look like a transitional champion. Darth Malak looks weak because he never kicked out of the Green Ranger’s finisher. Del Rio was the shining point of the match, hopefully gets to be involved a little more. Hopefully Green Ranger gets another chance after the interference messing with him, or at least see Malak do better than the Ranger.


Match 5: Linkler vs Xxxotica Xpress
TMN Blue Tag Team Championship

4.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Great match. A fantastic spot, Booster Gold inadvertently setting up the Chokeslam to Broly, his tag team partner, right on the ladder. Everyone felt like they belonged in a high stakes match like this, an overall fantastic match that suffered from a bad finish. Hopefully Hitler is okay after hitting his head on the sledgehammer, because I see Linkler having a future on Blue.


Match 6: Trunks vs Deadpool (Champion) with Eva Marie

TMN Galactic Championship

2.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

Trunks just kinda dominated the match, but that’s not the type of match the small baby face should be running. Deadpool lacked offense the entire match, with only really getting some strikes in when the two were on the ramp. Eva Marie distracted Trunks once, threw in a chair, and distracted the ref at a bad time, meaning she did next to nothing. The match was only hurt more by the Sunset Flip Powerbomb finish. However, I believe Trunks can bring legitimacy back to the belt, now that he’s champion.


Match 7: Darth Maul vs Space Ghost (Champion)
TMN Solar Flare Championship

3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Darth Maul looked like he was at the top of his game during this match, but Space Ghost looked like he was collecting a paycheck. Examples of this, Darth Maul did an Osaka Street Cutter, something I didn’t even know he could do. Space Ghost on the other hand, not selling a Dropkick early on, missing a calf kick at one point, and some stiff elbows busted Maul open. Good finish to the match, great compared to the rest of the card, but I can’t help but feel the wrong man won.


Match 8: Superman vs Link (Champion)

TMN Blue Championship

4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

After everything else on the card, this felt like a main event, both men putting on a great performance and using anything they could. Link still looks strong, winning the match after it looked like the ref wanted to call it quits, and Superman looks strong still after kicking out of the Master Sword while keeping the Superslam strong after never hitting it. Great match from both men, hope there’s more like that in their futures.


Pay Per View Rating: 3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Space Jam 4 was a solid Pay Per View to watch. The show had a slow start but was a good show otherwise. Blue pulled in the better matches, but Green was more consistent besides the women’s match. The highlights to the show were Del Rio coming to the aid of Malak and the main event for the Blue Title.


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